Bachelor’s in English – A career in the world language

English is a global language. It is spoken not only spoken in many different countries, but also in numerous international companies. If you travel a lot, you won’t be able to get along without English and anyone who wants to establish a career on the international stage must fully master the English language. However, when you speak English fluently, you’ll find you’re not only in demand in international corporations, but can also begin your career as a teacher.

The career prospects of graduates of English depend on the path they take during their studies. It’s important that students specialise in the course of their studies. If you want to study English, then you can target the English language itself, culture or history.

With the Bachelor of Arts, you lay the foundation for your professional career. However, if you want to fly high and see your personal future in, for example, publishing, journalism, business or the sciences, you must continue your studies with the Master of Arts. If you want to become a teacher, you’ll need to attain a Master of Education. This does not mean, however, that the Bachelor of Arts is worthless in and of itself. After all, without it no progress in the academic sense is possible. In addition, students with this degree acquire essential skills, such as analytical thinking and the ability to quickly familiarise themselves with a variety of topics.

The importance of the bachelor’s thesis

Because a bachelor’s degree in English is the prerequisite for successful work, you have to show what you can do in your bachelor’s degree exams. The most important part of this is the bachelor’s thesis. In it, you work on a particular topic that you have chosen yourself, if possible. The choice of topic for your bachelor’s thesis in English will be determined by the academic orientation of your university and your department. On the other hand, you should decide on a topic that interests you personally and that puts you in touch with your professional intentions.

What’s important when writing a bachelor’s thesis in English?

When writing your bachelor’s thesis in English, it’s important that you demonstrate your competences acquired in the bachelor’s program and that you are able to work in an academic and independent way. This includes, among other things, selecting suitable literature, logically developing your bachelor’s thesis in English, skilfully arguing it and adhering to academic formalities.

So far, so good! Sometimes, however, there are certain reasons why students simply cannot do just that. It really doesn’t matter if you are under time pressure, if you’re ill or if you have to work while studying. If the bachelor’s thesis is not successfully delivered, the reasons will be irrelevant; yet there is a solution to help you along the way.

You can engage the services of a ghostwriting company that specialiaes in the writing of bachelor theses. Such a company employs ghostwriters who have studied English themselves and, in addition to sound technical knowledge, have an excellent command of the English language. In addition, ghostwriters are experts in developing an academic work and are well-acquainted with guidelines.