The process of writing your bachelor’s thesis

The bachelor’s thesis accounts for a large part of the overall grade you receive for your studies. In particular, in the so-called mass subjects; thus it is necessary to achieve the highest possible grade in order to succeed in the job market. A successfully completed bachelor’s degree is also the prerequisite for attaining a master’s degree. The pressure to perform on the students is correspondingly high. In addition, there is only a limited period of time to write the thesis (usually two to four months), which cannot be extended indefinitely.

Many students are overwhelmed with this task because they have not been sufficiently prepared for it by the university and because a personal relationship with a supervisor at university is hardly possible. There are many reasons for hiring a professional writer to write your dissertation. Sometimes professional and family responsibilities make it impossible to spend months writing a thesis. Health, personal or professional crises are unpredictable and can affect anyone. Unfortunately, universities take no account of personal life circumstances. Deadlines for a bachelor’s thesis can only be extended in justified individual cases and require a medical certificate. There are many reasons that individuals hire a professional author to write their bachelor’s thesis, and everyone has their own unique circumstances.

The benefits of having a ghostwriter are obvious. Our authors specialise in the writing of academic texts and have many years of experience doing so. A professional writer not only has the ability to quickly familiarise himself with any topic, he also has the necessary media skills to perform the literature and source research quickly and efficiently. We work with authors to create a sophisticated and professional text in the shortest amount of time that meets all formal and content-related requirements.

No matter what phase of the work process you are in, we can assist you with concrete advice at any time, or take over the entire bachelor’s thesis for you. The range of our services reflects the requirements in the academic field and ranges from the simple proofreading, the final design of your work to the complete creation of the text for your bachelor’s thesis.
Once we receive your request, we will send you a free, non-binding and customised offer. At the latest 24 hours after the receipt of your request, you will receive an offer tailored to your wishes from us. If this offer meets your requirements, we will set up contact between you and the author. You always have the option of personally communicating with the ghostwriter via email, telephone or in another way (e.g., Skype) about your work. Once you agree to the offer, the author will begin working immediately.

A close interaction between the student and the ghostwriter is desired!

One of the most important principles of our agency is to enable the closest possible and personal cooperation between the client and “his” author. Unlike many other ghostwriting agencies, you therefore always have the opportunity to communicate directly with the author. Of course, both sides can remain anonymous on request and work together as they wish. Whether you want a close personal cooperation or the writing of your work entirely up to the author, both ways are possible. You also have the option to communicate with the author exclusively via our agency or to restrict communication to a limited extent. We orient ourselves to your wishes and personal situation.

We put you in contact with the author, who remains your permanent contact during the entire working process and who takes care of the smooth running of the work process. Of course, should you have problems or be dissatisfied with your author, our service staff will be there to assist you at any time and, if you wish, also provide another contact person. Our ghostwriters are always available by phone or emailto provide personal assistance. If desired, you can work in close collaboration on your bachelor’s thesis and thus can personally contribute to the success of your academic degree.

In addition, you always have the opportunity to send the author material or to submit your wishes and suggestions. In short, you can be as involved as you want to be. Of course, you can comment on the work of your ghostwriter and provide feedback to the author. During the working process (depending on the scope of the work) several partial deliveries will occur, which you receive from your author. These partial deliveries give you the opportunity to check whether the ghostwriter is working according to your specifications and wishes and at the same time allows you to track the timely progress of the work. Collaboration between the client and the ghostwriter also depends on what you are looking for. When it comes to writing a complete work including conception and finding a topic as well as literature and source research, it makes sense to communicate very closely with the author. This is especially true because the choice of topic for an academic thesis must be discussed with the supervisor of the respective university, and these arrangements must be communicated to our authors in turn so that they can author a truly quality work.

In addition to academic ghostwriting, our authors also assume the editing, proofreading, translation work or the evaluation of empirical material (interviews, surveys, statistics) and can help with formal and formatting issues. If required, we can offer you comprehensive personal support from finding a topic and structuring it to writing your academic work. Our authors are available to personally accompany you along the way, depending on your own individual wishes and time requirements. Unlike modern mass universities, this gives you the opportunity to receive individual and competent advice from our academically trained authors. We have no basic, template-based solutions that only provide standard answers and do not allow for personal and confidential advice. Our experienced authors respond to your wishes and understand your questions and problems. Since we only work with highly qualified and experienced authors, you are in the right hands with us and will always receive a competent and timely response.